When Only The Best Will Do

By admin on April 16, 2012

If you have been thinking about buying a pre-loved tanker truck your search is over. Post Leasing and Sales can help you sell your vehicle and upgrade to a larger trailer. We will make sure that you get the best value out of your older model vehicles. Whether you want to trade, sell, lease, or buy, Post Leasing and Sales can help.

The minute you buy a new vehicle, it depreciates. The best place to buy used trucks is through a reputable leasing company. We are subject to frequent inspection and certification, which means that your used truck will be just as good as a brand new vehicle. The minute you drive away in your used gas truck you will feel confident knowing that you have dealt with the right company. Our customers have been dealing with us for years. They feel confident knowing that their new piece of equipment meets the stringent requirements in Florida and Tennessee. We pride ourselves on excellent customer service, and will provide you with different styles and brands of trucks ranging from high-powered newer trucks to older, reliable used vehicles.

It is our job to keep drivers and the environment safe. Transporting chemical materials like powders, petroleum, gas, fluids, and granules is hazardous and put under the strictest regulations. Every one of our pre-loved vehicles is maintained and refurbished giving you peace of mind. You will feel confident when you buy your tanker truck from Post Leasing and Sales, and we will help you choose the right vehicle for your needs.

Every day tankers provide people all over the country with fuel for everything from refrigeration to heating and natural gases. At Post Leasing and Sales, we know how important it is to find the right used specialty truck for your specific needs. Whether you are new to the business, or looking to expand your fleet, we can help. Our Fort Myers and Knoxville locations will help you find what you are looking for. Check out our website for detailed descriptions and photos. We sell everything from Kenworth to International brands. Get a Freightliner with air conditioning, cruise control, power steering, power locks, and heated mirrors. You want your drivers to be comfortable when they are transporting fuel all over the country.

Call or click today and take care of all of your transportation needs with Post Leasing and Sales. We will have you on the road in no time with a top of the line used fuel tanker.

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